Cupcakes and Mini Cakes Cupcakes and Mini Cakes Red Velvet Cupcakes $25/dozen Red Velvet cupcakes with Cream Cheese icing. 56121848 Garden Party Cupcakes Chocolate cupcakes with fondant accents. $30 per dozen Mid level design 4847522 26053770 Cupcake Tree Tower with Cake $25/dozen plus $35 for the cake. 9130164 Sugared Rose Petal Cupcakes $25/dozen 9130148 Cupcake Tree Tower Rent the cupcake tower for $50 9130303 Popcorn Cupcakes $30/dozen. Don't worry - it's marshmallows NOT real popcorn. 46633275 Monogram Cupcake $30/dozen Monogram is chocolate 26054207 $30/dozen topper is chocolate 26053755 Basic Cupcake Design $25/dozen 27537284 29195396 Bumble Bee Cupcakes $25/dozen 29195345 Valentines Cupcakes $25/dozen 24610857 Personalized Face Cupcakes $35/dozen These cupcakes were personalized for each child attending the party. The hair color, length, and texture were all considered for the design of each one. 45196598 Giant Cupcake Cake Giant cupcake cake is $50. Kids Face Cupcakes are $35/dozen. 45196599 Easter Cupcakes $25/dozen 32179390 Wedding Cake Cupcakes $25/dozen Bride provided the stand, decorative wrappers and flowers. 48376730 48376731 Baby Blue Bear Cupcakes $25/dozen These were Lemon with citrus buttercream. 50165456 Petite Fours 82298545 Petite Fours 82298546 Petite fours 82298547 Yo Gabba Gabba Cupcakes $30/dz. 82298548 Red Hots Cupcakes $25/dz. 82298549 Luau Cupcakes $30/dozen 92469358 Hibiscus Cupcakes $30/dozen 92469359 Princess Cupcakes $30/dozen 97161350 Love Birds Cupcakes $35/dozen 105569981 Spa Party Cupcakes $25/dz 144248413