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The Shimmy Shimmy Cake Story 


I'd have to say that my love for cake decorating was inherited from my mother.  She was the ultimate do-it-yourselfer!  For my first birthday, she made me a 3D bear cake from a Wilton shaped pan.  She painstakingly piped hundreds of stars on that cake while holding a one year old on her hip.  Hours later it was torn to shreds.  I can only imagine her look of horror as she watched that perfectly iced creation thrown all over her kitchen floor.  But that didn't stop her from making every single one of my (and my brother's ) birthday cakes after that.  She was the kind of mother who worked full time, made all our cakes, and our Halloween costumes and still managed to fit in a class or two to try the newest crafting fad.  

I have done my best to follow in her footsteps as I became the mother and stepmother to three beautiful little girls.  I'm what you would call a "girly-girl" who loves anything crafty.  I've dabbled a little in almost everything from jewelry making, scrapbooking, candle and soap making to ceramics! 

The first cake I made was for my daughter's 1st birthday.  It was an Under the Sea themed party.  I got the idea from a Women's Day magazine.  I was so proud of how it turned out and couldn't believe how easy and fun it was!  I do have to admit that I made my daughter a "smasher cupcake" and my guests cupcakes since I couldn't bear the thought of that cake all over the floor.  :) 


Ever since that moment, I knew that I had found my "crafty niche".  I became fascinated with the science of baking, with how mounds of dough rise, and how baking really is more of a science, where cooking is an art.  In fact, my stepdaughter use to tell her friends that , "My stepmom can't cook, but she sure can bake!".  I would conquer the evening remote battle so I could watch all the Ace of Cakes and Cake Challenge shows on the Food Network.  During the day, I would DVR the Wilton Cake show on PBS.  I would lay out wax paper in front of my computer and watched YouTube videos over and over to learn different piping techniques.  I began creating beautifully designed cakes for friends and family who constantly urged me to turn my talents into a business.  I finally took their advice and in 2008, Shimmy Shimmy Cake was born.

I'm constantly taking classes to further my decorating skill and my husband (who comes from a long line of chefs and restaurant owners) helps me tweak the recipes.  My three little guinea pigs love to give their criticism in exchange for washing (a.k.a. licking) a few spatulas and mixing bowls when I'm done!  I take great pride in my cakes and consider each and every one of them a showpiece to be enjoyed both visually and delectably.  Life's too short so do the SHIMMY SHIMMY CAKE



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